Sensory Skills – basic

How do I cup coffee correctly? What do different coffees from different origins like Central and South America, Africa and Asia taste like? In a professional cupping we will show you the differences between the processing methods at farm level, of different growing altitudes and various varieties. We will practice describing coffees for you to analyse your own filter coffee or espresso and get the best out of it. These skills open up the whole world of professional coffee...

€119,00 / p.P.

€119,00 / p.P.

Sensory Skills – advanced

Which nuances of flavor originate where? Each step in the supply chain of coffee has its influence (cultivation, processing, storage, roasting, grinding, extraction). Professional cupping is the essential ability of roasters, baristas and green coffee traders in order to make the right decisions when it comes to buying and brewing. In this course we enhance your reception of aromas and flavors. Different cuppings (also with different solutions) will teach you...

€417,00 / p.P.