19grams - Schlesische Straße
Café location in Berlin Kreuzberg

19grams - Schlesische Straße

Schlesische Straße 38
10997 Berlin
Tel: 030/52669796

Opening hours:
Mo - Fr:   8:00 - 18:00
Sa - Su: 10:00 - 18:00

Tiny hole in the wall serving Tres Cabezas locally roasted coffee & homemade cakes and pastries. Small space that fills up in winter then opens up onto the street in the summer. Perfect spot for a coffee refresh on the way to visit the Eastside gallery & Oberbaumbruecke.

In addition to the Tres Cabezas espresso house blend Wild at Heart that is served in our cafes, we also have monthly changing espressos based on our roasters recommendations.

Our current espresso of the month:
BRASILIEN - Bota Fora Espresso A
sweet and full espresso with aromas of milk chocolate, red plum and praline.

Our current filter of the month:
KENYA - AA Nyakabugi filter coffee Our top grade AA Nyakabugi filter coffee with soft berry and citrus notes and a delicate honey finish.

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