KENYA - AA Kainamui Espresso
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Our washed Kenya Kainamui is an elegant espresso with notes of sweet raspberries and oranges with a fine caramel and cocoa finish.

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Africa, Kenya
Kirinyaga County, Ngariama
Caramel, Orange, Raspberry
Fully automatic coffee machine, AeroPress, Stovetop, Espresso machine
Character Array mt. above sea level
Processing Fully washed, sun dried
Variety SL28 and SL34
Altitude 1750 mt. above sea level

Our washed Kenya Kainamui is an elegant espresso with notes of sweet raspberries and oranges with a fine caramel and cocoa finish.
This coffee is harvested in the Kirinyaga region in Mount Kenya National Park which surrounds Mount Kenya, the highest mountain in Kenya and after Kilimanjaro, the second highest mountain in Africa. The national park is over 700km² and exists to protect and preserve the plants and landscape.
This coffee grows in central Kenya, only a few kilometers away from the equator providing ideal climate conditions for Arabica coffee. Here they experience about 200 rainy days a year with consistently cool (but not frosty) temperatures allowing the coffee to mature slowly and the aromas to properly develop.
The coffee plants are cultivated on a rich red volcanic soil at an altitude of 1,750masl and is processed at the Kainamui Washing Station where roughly 1,800 small farmers bring their harvested coffee cherries. An individual farmer from this region does not own much more than 200 coffee plants, and they harvest their coffee cherries only once a year. This cultivation area forms the perfect basis for the two cultivated varieties SL28 and SL34 which are both close genetic relatives of the bourbon variety.
Due to the nature of this coffee, we can only secure small quantities per year, but we look forward to every purchase and look forward to roasting and sharing it with you.

Farm name Kainamui Washing Station
Farm size 1800 farmer
Producer type Cooperative
Harvest year 2017
Soil type rich, red volcanic soil
Drying time up to 20 days
Wet mill location central washing station

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