COSTA RICA - Alma Negra 'Las Lajas' Kaffee
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A wonderfully fruity and full-bodied natural coffee from Finca Las Lajas, Costa Rica.

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Central America, Costa Rica
Sabanilla de Alajuela, Central Valley Region
Mango, Papaya, Honey
AeroPress, French Press, Chemex, Pour over
Character A fruity, soft and full-bodied coffee with aromas of papaya, honey and mango.
Processing natural
Variety Caturra, Catuaí
Altitude 1450 mt. above sea level

Doña Francisca and Don Oscar Chacón are third generation coffee producers and their farm is located on the foothills of Poas Volcano. In the early 1990s, when Oscar Chacón's father took over the plantation they decided to keep the cultivation completely biological and sustainable. Thus, the couple combined traditional coffee farming with innovative farming that led them away from classical fertilizer and anchoring methods. This allowed them to have the first bio-certified coffee farm in Costa Rica in 2000. Since then, they have consistently worked on alternative and organic methods for farm management.
Examples of their innovative farming can be seen through the production of fermented Bokashi compost. This enhances the minerals and nutrients in the soil, promoting quality coffee growth. It is therefore not surprising that the Chacóns were among the first producers in Central America and have been awarded several prizes for their honey and natural processing methods. They are the pioneers in Costa Rica when it comes to perfecting various honey processing and sun dried natural methods and their coffees are among the best in the country.
Our Alma Negra is natural processed. This means that after harvest, the coffee cherries are spread out along the patios of Finca Las Lajas with the surrounding fruit pulp attached. Thus the coffee beans take on the full aroma of the fruit and its sugars.

Farmer name Francisca and Oscar Chacón
Farm name Finca Las Lajas
Age of farm + 25 years
Producer type family business
Fertilization organic
Harvest year 2018
Harvest time November - January
Shade type shadow grown
Dry mill sorting by hand
Length of relationship + 7 years
Wet mill location on farm

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