COSTA RICA - Colorado Geisha
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Our special Geisha coffee from Costa Rica has delicate floral aromas and fruity notes of red grapes and kiwis, finishing with a marshmallow sweetness.

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Central America, Costa Rica
Alajuela, Grecia - Central Valley
Dark Grapes, Kiwi, Marshmallow
French Press, Chemex, Pour over
Character Array mt. above sea level
Processing Natural
Variety Geisha
Altitude 1800 mt. above sea level

The Geisha varietal is one of the noblest coffee varieties of the world. This relatively rare species is cultivated mainly in Panama, specifically on the La Esmeralda farm where the highest graded beans sell for several hundred euros per kilo.
We have been lucky enough to bring our Geisha to Berlin through our long term friendships in Costa Rica.
Our Geisha come from a very small farm called Colorado at the foot of the Poas volcano, which is run by the two brothers Roberto and Daniel. It is important for the farmers to have sustainable and heterogeneous buildings on their farm, so that the coffee can grow and live together with limes and dairy cattle in the same area.
Roberto and Daniel have transported our Geisha cherries from their Farm Colorado to our good friends at Hacienda Sonora, where the coffee is processed with great care and know-how. This coffee is processed at a Natural which does not require water for drying making it even more sustainable.
As a result, all the sweet, floral and exotic aromas can be found in high concentration within the bean. These fruity aromas of kiwi and red grapes are joined by notes of jasmine and marshmallow, which together form the exquisite overall aroma of the coffee. These notes are highlighted in our roasting style to give the right space to all taste nuances.

Farmer name Roberto & Daniel
Farm name Colorado, processing on Hacienda Sonora
Producer type family business
Fertilization organic
Harvest year 2018
Harvest time Dec - Mar
Shade type shade grown
Dry mill sorting Hacienda Sonora
Other farm products split production between milk, limes, and coffee

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