The Right Grind size For Your Coffee

Determining the correct coffee grind size is crucial for successful coffee preparation. If your coffee tastes too watery, bitter or dry or alternatively tastes too intense, sour or empty this can mostly be attributed to an incorrect grind size.

As you have already learned, there are many differences between filter and espresso coffee. One main difference is the contact time of the ground coffee and the water. For espresso this is about 30 seconds and for filter this can be several minutes. The aim is to dissolve the soluble flavours of the coffee grounds optimally and thus produce a flavor-balanced brew. For those who want to know exactly: 18 to 22% of the soluble flavours should be extracted from the coffee. This can be measured with a TDS reader which measures the Total Dissolved Solids of each brew.


The wrong coffee grind size effects the taste of your coffee

If your coffee tastes sour and empty and you have produced a TDS of less than 18%, meaning less than 18% of the soluble flavours were removed from the coffee and you have under extracted your brew.

If your coffee tastes bitter or dry and you have produced a TDS over 22%, you have extracted too many soluble flavours and you have over extracted your brew.

So how do you know what the right grind size is for you?

The finer the coffee grounds the larger the surface area becomes as the amount of particles increases, more can be dissolved by the water. A finer grind size is therefore ideal for preparing espresso as it has a shorter contact time with the water. The coarser the grind size the smaller the surface area as the particles decrease, thus the coffee needs a longer contact time with the water to dissolve the soluble flavours. This is therefore more ideal for filter coffee preparation, where the coffee grounds are in contact with the water for several minutes.

Naturally, different coffee origins and varieties as well as individual preferences also play an important role in determining the right grind size. We recommend that you take note of your grind size and if you are not satisfied, adjust the steps in small increments. After a short time you will determine the right grind size best suited to you and your brew.

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