Since the coffee plant, especially the Arabica species is very demanding, it grows only in areas around the equator. This region is also referred to as the coffee belt or the bean belt and extends between the tropics of Cancer and the Capricorn. The cultivation area within this belt is about 10 million hectares. Here the tropical to subtropical climate is ideal for this sensitive plant, which likes to be shaded and wind-protected. The ideal average temperature for growth should be about 26 ° Celsius and at a cultivation height between 800 - 2,200 meters above sea level.

The top 10 growing areas in the world based on total coffee production are: Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia, Ethiopia, India, Honduras, Uganda, Mexico and Guatemala. However, there are many other cultivation areas within the coffee belt that produce exceptional quality coffees. As a company we buy coffees from Central American countries such as Costa Rica, Panama and El Salvador,  African countries such as Ethiopia, Kenya, Burundi and Rwanda, as well as Asian countries such as Indonesia and India.

When and where we buy our coffee is dependent on the coffee harvest schedule to ensure optimal freshness and in turn roast and produce the best quality coffee.