Coffee quality
What is quality in coffee?

One could say that quality in coffee can be as simple as any coffee that scores over 85+ points on the SCA cuppers score sheet. However by doing this we oversimplify all of the work that goes into a coffee from origin until the time it arrives in your cup.

Coffee quality begins at farm level

The quality in coffee begins at the level where the coffee comes from. Does the farm use sustainable agriculture practices? Are the processing methods beneficial or detrimental to the quality of the coffee? Are the workers treated fairly and is the relationship between farmer exporter/importer/roastery mutually beneficial and fair for all parties? All of these and more need to be taken into account when we talk about quality in coffee. Once these things are established we can now get into the quality of the coffee cherry being grown.

Coffee quality in taste

Coffee grown in different regions or countries doesn’t taste the same. And it shouldn’t. A quality coffee should taste of the place and land that it was grown, ‘terroir’ if you must. A coffee from Brazil can taste syrupy sweet and nutty, grown in Ethiopia it can be incredibly floral and fruity and a coffee from Indonesia will be wild and earthy. These different flavour traits are all signs of individuality and what makes coffee special and unique. Once the coffee makes its way from the farm into our hands at the roastery it is now our job to treat the coffee with respect. We roast the coffee to try and enhance the beans intrinsic traits and bring out all that the coffee has to offer. Our espresso roasts are full-bodied, easy to work with (soluble) and have sweetness above all else. Our medium (filter) roasts are clean, transparent, vibrant and best enjoyed black. We cup and QC all our coffees to ensure consistency and put in many hours sourcing these high quality coffees.

Coffee quality in brewing

Coffee quality doesn’t finish with the roaster, next we come to brewing, be that espresso or filter, at home or in a cafe. We choose to work with reputable coffee machinery that offers consistency within our products, as we believe that quality coffee can also be user-friendly.
Lastly, knowledge is key when it comes to brewing great coffee. As such, we offer brew recipes for customers as a starting point on how to achieve a tasty coffee. All our baristas are trained and willing to share their knowledge onto the customers in as much detail or as little as they require.
Quality is not just one particular thing, but a whole chain of events that takes place to get a coffee from the farm into your cup.

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