KENYA - AA+ Gicherori
Coffee, Single Origin Espresso, African Coffee
This exceptional espresso from the Embu region in Kenya is characterized by its fruity vanilla notes and aromas of cherries, lemon and raspberries.

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Africa, Kenya
Embu, Mount-Kenya-Massiv
Lemon, Raspberry, Vanilla
Fully automatic coffee machine, AeroPress, Stovetop, Espresso machine
Character Complex taste profile with fruity lemon notes and aromas of raspberries and cherries.
Processing Fully washed & Sun dried
Variety SL26 & SL34, Ruiru 11
Altitude 1600 mt. above sea level

Kenya is one of the most important coffee growing areas in Africa. The cultivation of coffee covers more than 160,000 hectares of land, with only one-third making up large coffee plantations, while the rest are managed by small scale farmers. As is the case in many East African coffee growing areas, small-scale farmers organize themselves into farm cooperatives in order to process the coffee cherries in washing stations.
This coffee is fully washed and is processed at the Gicherori Washing Station which supplies roughly 1,100 other small farmers. Here, the pulp is removed from the coffee bean and then stored in water tanks to undergo a controlled fermentation process.  Afterwards, the beans are thoroughly washed again and then spread out on African drying beds and left to dry for about 15 days under the Kenyan sun.
The Gicherori washing station is located in the central province of Embu on the southern slopes of the Mount Kenya Massivs. Here, the microclimate is ideal for growing coffee at a cultivation height of approx 1600m above sea level, the area is rich in volcanic soils. The sufficient rainfall, moderate tropical climate and shade-providing vegetation ensure that the coffee beans can properly develop their floral and fruity aromas.
This coffee is roasted as filter to highlight the complex taste profile with the fruity vanilla notes and aromas of cherries, lemon and raspberries.

Farmer name Kibugu Farmers Cooperative Society
Farm name Gicherori washing stationen
Producer type community
Harvest time Oct – Dec (Main Crop), May - Jul (Fly Crop)
Soil type rich soil with volcanic clay
Wet mill location communal

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