BRAZIL - Zè Pato natural Espresso
Coffee, Single Origin Espresso
Our Brazil Zè Pato Espresso has a creamy velvet mouthfeel with notes of chocolate, buttermilk, almonds and yogurt.

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South America, Brazil
Caconde, SP
Almond, Milk Chocolate, Buttery
Fully automatic coffee machine, AeroPress, Stovetop, Espresso machine
Character A creamy velvet mouthfeel paired with notes of chocoale, buttermilk, almonds and yoghurt.
Processing natural
Variety Red Catuai
Altitude 1200 mt. above sea level

Do you know José Osmar da Silva? Not yet? Then we'll change that. Josè owns the Sitio Pirapitinga, a small 5 hectare coffee farm in a valley called Caconde in Brazil.
Josè is 72 years old, describes himself as semi-detached and is of course not. He has been working with coffee for almost 60 years and delivers our new Brazil Espresso Zè Pato. And it is a force and an experiment with your taste. Josè likes to laugh and laughs a lot and the coffee gives him every reason to do so. After he has decided to focus consistently on quality, the coffee has become better from year to year and can now call itself a great top coffee.
A warm chocolaty mouthfeel paired with notes of buttermilk, almonds and yoghurt make the coffee round and velvety and form a special and balanced blend. The coffee grows at about 1200 meters above sea level and is processed so gently that all the goodness of the Brazilian sun remains in the coffee.

Farmer name José Osmar Da Silva (zé pato)
Farm name Sitio Pirapitinga
Farm size 5 ha
Producer type Family business
Harvest year 2018

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