COSTA RICA - Villalobos 'Hacienda Sonora' Espresso
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This unique espresso comes from our good friends from Sonora in Costa Rica. With aromas of cherries and oranges and notes of caramel sweetness and a chocolate aftertaste, this espresso is balanced with a full and round body.

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Central America, Costa Rica
Alajuela, Grecia - Central Valley
Cherry, Orange, Chocolate
AeroPress, Stovetop, Espresso machine
Character Cherries and oranges, full round body, racy caramel notes with a chocolatey aftertaste
Processing natural processed & sun dried
Variety Villalobos
Altitude 1400 mt. above sea level

For more than 50 years the Guardia family have been producing coffee at their Hacienda Sonora. The Hacienda is located at the fertile foothills of the famous Poas volcano in the west valley of Costa Rica, a largely untouched forest.The preservation of the rainforest is important to the Guardia family as they organically let the forest grow and spread between the coffee plants. This allows the cherries to gain enough moisture to develop and ripen under the protective shelter of the trees. As a source of energy for the entire finca, they use a Pelton turbine, driven by the hydroelectric power of a stream. This stream supplies the entire finca with '100% Green Energy'.
We have known the Guardia’s family for several years, and we are delighted to have met such an extraordinary family, who grow their unique coffee with a sense and love for nature and sustainability.
The Villalobos is naturally processed. This means that after harvest the ripe cherries, including their fruit pulp, are spread out on a patio and dried by the sun before the skin is removed. This allows the cherry to absorb the full flavor and sweetness of the fruit. Thus, its characteristics are fruity, soft and full-bodied.
This full-bodied espresso produces a balanced fruity sweetness with notes of cherries, caramel, oranges and exotic dried fruits. It has a chocolate aftertaste that reminds us of "Cherry Garcia", the famous chocolate-cherry ice cream from Ben & Jerry's.

Farmer name Diego Guardia
Farm name Hacienda Sonora
Age of farm 50 years
Producer type Family Business
Fertilization eco friendly
Harvest year 2017
Harvest time january - april
Soil type volcanic soil
Shade type Shade Grown
Number of varieties planted 6
Other varieties planted on farm Caturra, Catuaí amarillo, Catuaí rojo, Bourbon rojo, Villalobos
Length of relationship several years
Wet mill location on farm

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