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Colombia, Costa Rica
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Each of the green beans used is a jewel and is processed in the origin as natural or fully washed. Together they make the perfect espresso. Together they are WILD AT HEART.

Colombia "Finca Loma Talá"
On the 12 hectare farm of Nestor Rodriguez the varieties Tabi, Caturra and Colombia grow between 1880 and 2250 meters. The soil is fertile and the area has a wonderfully balanced microclimate, which ensures that the coffee cherries develop evenly. The washed coffee beans of the Finca Loma Talá have a wonderfully fruity sweetness.

Costa Rica "Las Lajas"
The "Las Lajas" farm, owned by Doña Francisca and Don Oscar Chacón was the first bio-certified coffee farm in Costa Rica in 2000. We have visited their farm every season for the last seven years to sample their new and impressive coffees. Since the early 1990s, when Oscar Chacón's father took over the plantation, they have kept the cultivation completely biological and sustainable, combining traditional coffee farming with new innovations that led them away from classical fertilizer and anchoring methods.
Our beans are processed as 'black honey’. This means that after the harvest, the fruit pulp of the coffee cherries is removed mechanically leaving behind all the beans mucilage. This influences the taste of the later roasted coffee bean. Coffees that are processed as black honey take almost twice as long as yellow honey coffees to dry and so this added fermentation and drying time makes the beans more sweet, fruity and intense.

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