Our Coffee
We provide coffee for your business

If you and your business are looking for quality coffee that’s roasted well, get in touch with us today!
By working together we aim to increase the standards of coffee and service in the specialty coffee industry. We'll provide the coffee, training, machines and equipment as well as full service packages. All you need to provide is the passion for brewing excellent coffee.

Wholesale coffee

At our roastery on Boxhagener Str, we offer a diverse range of coffees roasted for either filter or espresso. When buying green coffee we look at current harvest and purchase coffee seasonally to ensure both quality and freshness.
We aim to work as close to the farmer or producer as possible as well as having close relationships with importers who we share similar values with.
Our roasting style allows us to showcase the natural characteristics of the bean and the coffees origin as we fully develop each batch. Our roasters work closely with our baristas to ensure each brew is extracted to its full potential. 

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We are able to cater our roasting style to suit your needs. Find out more today.

Ordering & delivery

We roast twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays to ensure you are always receiving freshly roasted coffee. We suggest ordering 1 week in advance of brewing so that the coffee has time to rest and de-gas.

We deliver on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays with free delivery (within Berlin) for all orders over 12KG.

Orders must be placed at wholesale@trescabezas.de at the beginning of the week for delivery at the end of the week OR the beginning of the following week.

We deliver worldwide. Coffee prices exclude tax and shipping costs.