Our Coffee Roastery
Freshly roasted coffee from Berlin

At our Roastery on Boxhagener Strasse we roast our filter and espresso coffees twice a week on our Probat P12. Once roasted these coffees are then distributed to our 19grams Cafes, our wholesale customers as well as our online customers.

For small batches of up to 1kg we use our Probatino, a smaller version of our P12. In addition to this we also use our Probatino for sample roasting coffees such as the Geisha from Panama. Here we are able to order and roast smaller amounts of green coffee to cup and taste to decide whether we should buy larger volumes.

Since we are always on the lookout for new exciting single origins and blends, our roastery regularly becomes a small experimental laboratory, in which the best green coffee samples are sourced and roasting profiles are developed.